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Centre Repertoire Development Netherlands (CRON)

The CRON foundation is a platform for the promotion and develoment of wind music repertoire. In order to achieve the goals we investigate what's going on at publishers. We investigate the needs of music associations in the Netherlands and we encourage composers to write new repertoire. For the development of wind music it is necessary to bring different parties as composeres, conductors, publishers and fans together. To realize this we organize an annual event. Considering the need for development of Fanfare repertoire is highest, the focus of the event is for the time being on Fanfare repertoire. 

About us


Fanfare Repertoire and Network Event 2023

Saturday November 25th 2023.

CRON Testimonial -

A well orginazed and substanstive event. Highley recommended to composers, conductors and other musicians!
CRON Testimonial - Visitor edition 2018

Visitor edition 2018

It was een great and interesting edition of the event/livestream 2020.
CRON Testimonial - Roy Deuss

Roy Deuss

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